• The Leviathan Chronicles - Season 2 Director's Cut Part 1 (622 MB)
  • the leviathan chronicles season 2 directors cut part 1 - mp3 (50 Bytes)

The Leviathan Saga continues! Containing Chapters 26-38, the Season 2 Director’s Cut continues the story of Macallan Orsel who is struggling to save Leviathan as Bennu’s destructive computer virus threatens to obliterate the immortal stronghold, and competing factions soon vie for power within the city.   Harlequinn has narrowly escaped death as a changed man and must now enlist the help of his young ward to save the city – and the woman – he has loved for centuries.  Capt. Jeffery Tulley is plagued with guilt for abandoning Macallan in Leviathan.  He and Oberlin St. Clair are desperately searching for a way to get back to Leviathan before the Yakuza can collect on the substantial debt that Tulley owes them.  And Seinshun has joined forces with the nefarious Blackdoor Group to search the globe for the missing Soraxian aliens that may hold the key to a global apocalypse.

The Director’s Cut contains over 1 hour of BONUS storyline, not found anywhere else.  Buy it now and get 13 episodes of The Leviathan Chronicles at once.  Listen to the ground breaking special effects and original music that make The Leviathan Chronicles a globe-spanning, science fiction audio drama adventure!