Season 2 - The Director's Cut, Part 1

The Leviathan Saga continues! Containing Chapters 26-38, the Season 2 Director’s Cut continues the story of Macallan Orsel who is struggling to save Leviathan as Bennu’s destructive computer virus threatens...

Internal Affairs

The Blackdoor Group has been hunting the immortals of Leviathan around the world, trying to steal their technology and eliminate the threat they represent to US sovereignty.   But there are 20 Blackdoors within the clandestine division of the CIA, and Jason Sterling is only the head of Door #12.  In this episode, Door #20 is revealed and a new war is about to erupt within the Blackdoor Group.  Discover what really happened to the SSN Dakota and learn how the Enforcers are created!  From the subways of Tokyo, through the streets of New York, to the remote South Atlantic, one agent discovers an incredible secret that has been kept with Blackdoor's halls and will risk her life to make sure that justice is served - and how that will affect Season 2 of The Leviathan Chronicles

The Dramatist

In this period piece, Clive Barrington is a young immortal living in Los Angeles in 1930.  While doing work for Evangeline on the surface, Clive is also indulging in his greatest passion - acting.  Already an accomplished star of popular radio plays, Clive must now contend with the advent of "talkies" - motion pictures that reveal the faces of the actors and would eliminate the anonymity that radio offered an immortal trying to conceal his identity.  But greater challenges are soon thrust upon him as talk of a growing rebellion within Leviathan reaches the surface.  Clive is soon asked to choose sides, and Bennu makes it known that every choice can have deadly consequences.

The Rogue Plague

The Rogue Plague is the origin story of Harlequinn’s immortality.  Learn how Harlequinn met Evangeline centuries ago and began a love affair that would change his life forever.  Bennu is desperately jealous and begins scheming to destroy their relationship as we learn more about his past and disfigurement.  But their romance is interrupted by an ancient evil from Evangeline’s past that threatens not just members of Leviathan, but the entire countryside of Scotland.  And Harlequinn is caught in a desperate choice between his faith and the woman he loves.

The Ward

The Ward is the story of master thief Harlequinn meeting his match in the form of an 11-year old orphan girl.  Set in Paris in 1996, Harlequinn needs the young girl’s help to assist in the theft of several religious artifacts.  But Harlequinn soon discovers that members of the Edeners have been secretly setting him up to take him back to Leviathan.  And Harlequinn’s young ward must soon choose between her past and her future.


Snipe is the origin story of the deadly virus that has infected Leviathan City and threatens to destroy the immortal stronghold.  Ten years ago, a genetic computer virus was created that was capable of bringing any network in the world to its knees.   Leviathan sent its two best Darkwater Agents, Shoichi Honda and Elizabeth Franklin, to steal the powerful technology so that it could be safely neutralized.  But a mysterious woman with immortal powers manages to steal the virus first, leading the Darkwater agents on a furious chase to steal back the virus to bring it safely back to Leviathan.  But soon, Shoichi and Elizabeth realize that greater forces are at work, and nobody can be trusted.  The truth behind the virus is only revealed after explosive showdown deep underwater.